Awning Models

Our most popular unit,the Shadeline Sunrise is a elegant,compact shading machine.Providing projections up to 13 feet and widths beyond 35 feet. Its components include a square bar,roll tube and a triple high strength cable spring loaded arms that far exceed industry standards. The patented arm shoulders provide fast acting wind lock should a gust of wind come unexpectedly. It can be operated by hand crank or can be motorized. It also can be wall or roof mounted and frame colors come in White or brown. All backed with a 10 year warenty.

Designed to start where the conventional awnings stops the Shadeline Little-Big can extend up to 13 feet with as little as 8 feet in width. By allowing the arms to criss/cross a larger projection is achieved with a smaller width. All this is achieved without sacrificing quality and design. Its best suited for condominiums and tight space. This system has all the same features as the Shadeline Sunrise including a 10 year warranty. The frame is available in White or Brown and can be operated by hand crank or can be motorized.

Our Togaline system also provides projections up 13 feet but limited up to 23 feet in width.It offers the same quality features as the Shadeline Sunrise but with added fabric protection.Designed with a compact housing to store the fabric when totally retracted the Togaline is our premium shading machine. Equipped with the same patented wind lock shoulder the Togaline will provide years of shading pleasure. The togaline also carries a 10 year warranty and is best used on roof mount applications. It is available in White or brown frame colors and can be operated by hand crank or can be motorized.

This awning system is both the Shadeline Toga and The Shadeline Litlle-big. Having the features of the compact housing for maximum fabric protection and the criss/cross mechanism that allows shading to be achieved in the tightest spaces with maximum projection. As with all Shadeline awnings the unit can be operated with a hand crank or can be motorized. Frame colors are white and brown.All backed up with a 10 year warrenty.