Pitch Adjustment

Adjusting the “Comfort Line” arm bracket

Open the awning about two feet.
On the “face” of the bracket, there will be a 8mm countersunk head bolt.
Insert the allen key into the countersunk head bolt.
Turn clockwise to raise the awning and counter clock to lower the awning.

NOTE: Its always easier to adjust the pitch of your awning when its fully extended ONLY if someone raises the front bar or arm to adjust your awning pitch. This helps very much as its takes all the weight off the adjusting bolt,thus turning the eyelet loop or bolt easily. Then turn to lower or raise to desired pitch/angle. Do the same for the opposite. Please make sure your awning is level before you operate it.

E-Z Flexline Pitch Adjustment

This patented arm bracket allows the owner to adjust the pitch of your awning by using your hand crank. This feature is particularly useful to compensate for changes in angle of the sun as the season changes.
Open the awning about two feet.

On the face where the bolt head would normally be. There is a gear eyelet.
Insert the hand crank hook and turn clockwise to raise and counter lock to lower.
Please follow same process as the above instructions for a traditional bolt adjustment.

NOTE: Before operating the awning, both arms should be at same angle/pitch. Damage will occur if this procedure is not exercised.

NOTE: Although the E-Z pitch adjustment has a built-in override to prevent possible breakage of the gear loop. You should never force it if it doesn’t turn. If it doesn’t turn, it means that the awning should be further retracted or someone should assist the raising of the front bar or arm to take weight of the bolt or gear loop.

Elbow Alignment

When the awning is in the closed posit,the arms should line up. If not there need to be an adjustment.

On the bottom of the arm bracket there is a very small allen lock screw. Using a 2.5mm or a 2.0mm allen key, loosen the screw. This will allow the bigger side bolt to be adjusted with a 13mm wrench. Turn up or down to align arms. Be sure to re tighten small allen lock screw.

Installation Brackets used for all Models