Company History

Brooklyn, New York based entrepreneur Dominick Ciminiello owner of Shadeline Awnings started his company in 1988 at the age of 19. He began his company manufacturing step-down aluminum awnings through a small dealer network. A few years later he was asked to install a fabric retractable awning for one of his dealers. When the installation was completed he along with employee and customer stood back to watch the motorized awning roll out. The experience was truly magical! They were all mesmerized!

He immediately knew this was the future product of his company. His mission then was to become the go to company for retractable awnings in his area. In 1990 he took his idea to the next level by seeking out a producer in Europe.Since this was the “pre internet” days,finding a producer would be no easy task. He connected with a group that would ultimately find a first class producer in Europe.

Today Shadeline Awnings are sold through a network of dealers. The company prides itself on selling only high quality products at affordable pricing. These accomplishments could not have been made without the continuous support from our dealers and employees.

So please join our network of dealers and help us to be your go to company for retractable awnings.

Dominick Ciminiello